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Cream Australian magpie Unisex Memorywave

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Australian magpie Sound


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Product Description

As its name would suggest, this species also hails from Australia! However, they naturally migrate to the northwestern United States, as well. One of the most distinguishing features of these black and white-feathered birds is that they’re very social with humans! Out of all species on our list of birds and sounds they make, the Australian Magpie takes the trophy for being quite outgoing.

They usually travel in packs and are known for visiting yards and small towns. Their nests are some of the most intricate, typically taking more than a month for a pack to construct! Not only useful for their beauty, they actually help other members of nature out. This species is also uniquely known for diving down to pick ticks off of other wild animals to eat.

The Australian Magpie has a very interesting song, making it very easy for bird-lovers to identify. There are two major types of sounds this species makes: something that sounds a bit like two humans chattering, and a mating call that’s shorter and sharper. Their “chattering” sounds are quite smooth, usually fairly long, and beautiful to listen to. Their less-frequent mating calls generally get louder and higher in pitch over a period of about five seconds.

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