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Navy Blue-footed booby Unisex Memorywave

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Blue-footed booby Sound


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Product Description

Found in western portions of southern Central and South America, males of this species couldn’t have a more fitting name. As with most bird aesthetics, their magnificent blue feet are designed to attract female mates. They typically walk around, intentionally showing off their blue feet for interested females of the species!

One fun fact about The Blue-Footed Booby is that the species has naturally selected out male birds with less-blue feet. This means that, on average, the feet of males of this species get (literally) bluer by the year!

These birds are meant to live near the ocean. At night, they come out of their nests to swoop down on unsuspecting sea creatures to capture dinner. Unlike the majority of bird species, both males and females help to nurture their new hatchlings, not just the females.

Along with their song, males are known to do (what looks pretty bad to humans) “dances” that resemble a drunken person stumbling around. Nonetheless, their song is quite interesting. Typically reserved for females during breeding season, it sounds almost like a slow, passing car honk. It is less guttural than sounds by other birds, but loud enough to hear.

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