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Oxblood Black Laughing kookaburra MemoryWave

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Laughing kookaburra Sound


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Product Description

Found only in Australia and New Zealand, the sound of the Laughing Kookabura is unmistakable. Found outdoors at all times of the day, this is one of the longer members on our list of birds and their sounds, coming in at an average of 16”. 

Their “call” catches foreigners off-guard in Australia, consisting of a variably-noted shriek right before what sounds uncannily like a human laugh. It ends with what sounds like a light human chuckle as its call fades away. 

A little-known fact about the Laughing Kookaburra is that this species stays around to help their families, unlike most birds. Descendants often come back to their mothers’ nests when new babies are hatching and help acclimate them to the world, demonstrating unparalleled affection in the world of birds!

Product Info

Length (inches)2728293031323334
Width (inches)16 ½18202224262830