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Brown Northern cardinal Unisex Memorywave

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Northern cardinal Sound


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Product Description

Those in eastern Canada, the section of the US east of the Mississippi River, and Mexico have likely seen this common bird at some point. At a sizable average of 9” long, these bright red-colored birds have an equally colorful call! Keep in mind that only the male Northern Cardinals are bright red; females are reddish with a brown tinge.

Unlike others on our list of birds and their sounds, the male Northern Cardinal does most of the singing. Females can sing, though it’s quite rare for this species. Males typically fiercely compete for mates, giving females little reason to sing in the first place. Though their fights with one another can be quite brutal, their song couldn’t be more beautiful!

Their songs are known to be short but sweet. They’re typically higher-pitched than most birds’ songs, and out of everyone on our list of birds and their sounds, they “speed up” and “slow down” their tempos the most. Their calls often sound like English words, and many people often mistake them for a young child yelling a word like “cheer” or “birdie”!

While their songs can be on a MemoryWave anywhere year-round, you’re most likely to hear their songs in nature in the Spring and Summer. They can be heard earlier in warmer climates.

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