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Blue Satin bowerbird Unisex MemoryWave

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Satin bowerbird Sound


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Product Description

Another member of our list of birds and their sounds that is found almost exclusively in Australia, there’s little that’s ordinary about the Satin Bowerbird! They’re quite plump, and males and females have quite disparate appearances. Check out the full list of birds and their sounds.

Males appear as a dark shade between blue and purple, whereas females usually are green and brown. Both sexes have notably short bills, but this feature doesn’t stop them from emitting beautiful sounds!

An interesting fact is that it’s the males who tend to build structures, whereas it’s typically the female birds of other species who do this activity. Typically working in groups of at least two, in “tribes,” they are known for building bowers in the rainforests they naturally live in. Out of everyone on our list of birds and their sounds, this is the only species where it looks like males do their fair share of work around the nest!

Known for being quite vocal, both sexes of this species emit very loud noises. Despite having those very small bills, their songs usually consist of sequences of what can best be described as howls, yells, laughs, screams, and other sounds that are almost indiscernible from sounds humans naturally make! They sometimes make songs in groups for a truly unique sound.

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